26 February 2017

Ross Cassidy | CB2

If "Million Dollar Decorators" was one of your obsessions, then Ross Cassidy rings a bell. I, myself, was hooked on the TV series and normally it would loop on marathon mode. It is pleasant to see these designers outside of the reality TV bubble.

Ross Cassidy collaborated with CB2, with a focus on Japanese-inspired minimalism meets luxury. Breaking down the basics of good design down to the most zen-like qualities and adding a touch of richness.

My favorite piece is the Workhorse, a design based on time spent in construction sites where one uses sawhorse trestle as a table base and a big slab of surface placed as a tabletop.  Cassidy's combination of basic design with a touch of fine detail.

And that terrazzo table lamp!

Source CB2

Ross Cassidy | CB2 |  K R i S P I N T E R I Ö R

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