13 October 2013

Midcentury Madness

Now, talk about being loyal to an era!  An architectural firm bfs design helped revive a 1957 building which was once a part of an exhibition in Tiergarten Park.  Originally designed by Eduard Ludwig.  

Photography Annette Kisling


  1. It's very loyal to its era...a lot of disciplined use of items...I wonder who actually lives there? I admire it, but wouldn't personally want to live there as it feels like a (very beautiful) museum.

    1. The restoration was definitely to capture the building's former glory, and it was part of an exhibition, Perhaps the photographer intentionally staged it for the same reason. Eduard Ludwig was a member of the Bauhaus community of architects and studied under Mies van der Rohe. Definitely a quick trip back in time looking at these pictures! Thanks Glamour Drops!


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