15 December 2013

A Simple Christmas

Christmas doesn't have to be overwhelming and over-the-top.  It can still be simple, Krisp, and filled with spirit.  I myself can't seem to get around to it, as life in NYC gets too stressful leaving me no time for myself (hence the lack of blog entries of late)!  But I came across the most wonderful, very KRiSPINTERIOR styling on one of my favorite blogs Scandinavian Deko via Emma Fexus of Emmasdesignblogg.  If you recall, last year I made my own DIY Star of David from Storm Sandy branches and houndstooth tape-- how perfect!  Now I'm really inspired!

Credits to my favorite of favorites!  Styling by Marie Ramse and Pella Hedeby
Photography Kristofer Johnsson

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