19 April 2014

Capri Dreaming

Snow and frost were a jarring morning greeting the other day as I stepped out of my flat in Lower Manhattan.  Winter has no end in site this year!  I'm awaiting warmer weather-- mind you, summers in New York are not my favorite months!

I can't help but dream about a summer holiday elsewhere…  I just cannot resist the idea of ocean views or turquoise waters.  Santorini remains my favorite summer getaway, and it was so dreamy I couldn't believe I was there!  But today I long to return to the island of Capri in Italy!  These pictures of Capri Suite have been sitting on my archives for a while, and it is time to dig them up again...

The hotel was once a monastery back in the 1600s.  It is located near the famous spot, the Blue Grotto. Interiors are an homage to the village's ancient history with much of its rustic texture left in its most natural look.  Offering two suites, the Yellow Room and the Blue Room, they have views of the outdoor garden and breathtaking views of Anacapri's hills and the blue waters surrounding the island.

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