13 April 2014

Niki says it's My Scandinavian Home

KRiSPINTERIOR:  How would you best describe Scandinavian style?
NIKI:  Clean, simple and close to nature with the perfect marriage between form and function.  
K:   Who is My Scandinavian Home?  Are you a solo act?
N:  I am indeed a solo act, it’s just me, a London girl living in Sweden, and my computer. Having said that I am often in contact with photographers, stylists and other wonderful bloggers without whom there would be no content!  
I am a Mother of two little girls and wife to a Swede who loves the hustle and bustle of a town (I’m from London after all) and yet thrives on being close to nature (which is why we live by the sea here in Southern Sweden). I identify with Scandinavian style. Currently I’m very into Danish fashion and most of my wardrobe comes from shops just over the bridge in Copenhagen. Danes have a slightly edgy bohemian style which I love.  My Swedish and Danish friends say they can also see the English style coming through too!

K:  What are your design influences?
N:  I always get inspired by travel, visiting a new space or home, looking at homes in interior magazines, blogs or sifting through Pinterest (my mini addiction!).
K:  Though Modern rustic with a Scandinavian twist, I generally have an eclectic taste because of travels.  Would you say you have a favorite city?  What would you bring home if you could bring anything you wish from that very place?
N:  Wow, what a difficult question! One of my favourite cities that I haven’t been to yet (ha!) is Marrakesh. My dream right now is to go there, stay in a beautiful brightly coloured Riadh and bring home a vintage Morroccan rug. 
K:  Who would say right now is your "hero" in the interior design world, and perhaps collaborate with in the future?
N:  I am a big fan of Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton’s work, she has a very unique signature look and always hits the mark. I am hoping to do one of her styling courses this year. I am also a huge fan of danish fashion brand Day Birger et Mikkelsen (http://www.day.dk/se/sv/the-day-story) who mix ethnic inspiration acquired from travels with Scandinavian style. I love every item they create.

K:  How in the world did you install your swing in the dining room!?!
N:  Hahaha! My poor husband spent a weekend fixing it. It’s only ever fallen down once and that was when my niece swung around and around in it for about 20 minutes. It eventually unscrewed itself and came crashing down onto our wood floor!
K:  Which piece of furniture you own you cannot live without? 
N:  I am not generally protective over my belongings. This could be because I’ve moved around a lot and love change. Having said that I do love our mid-century drinks trolley / cart, it is a very treasured item and quite rare. I’ve been meaning to stock it with spirits too (which helps its cause massively!). 

N: I love our open plan kitchen/ dining/ sitting room area – it’s the engine of our house and perfect for just being a famiy or socializing with friends.
K:  What is your preferred colour scheme?
N:  I never tire of white. Ever! When we moved in the first thing we did was paint all the walls and ceilings white and lightened the wood floors. The other colours come and go with the seasons and latest trends, or moods! Right now it’s white with touches of black and pastels.  
My whole home is a bit of an open canvas (much to my husband’s dismay!). I love change so I am constantly making small changes to each room. We have a wall in the guest bedroom which has black flocked wallpaper and I’m so tired of it, it’s starting to make me mad just walking passed. Changing the wall is my next project! 

K:  Is there a corner in your home you claim to be yours and yours only? 
N:  We recently moved our bedroom up to the top floor – it’s a really large airy space with floor to ceiling windows and it’s own balcony. I love being up there, it’s like having our own little apartment within a house. 
K:  Where do you normally search for "finds"?
N:  There are several great places in and around Malmö, the town I live in. One weekend a month Nirvana Möbler throws open it’s doors. Inside it’s like a treasure chest of mid-century pieces. I also love Etsy.
K:  Are you engaged in any projects for the time being?
N:  I am focusing more and more on my blog full time. There are a few other projects in the pipeline which I’m not quite ready to reveal but watch this space….!

That sums it up! Thanks to Niki who continues to spread the love on her blog! She is also featured in a fabulous book, Design Bloggers at Home by Elie Tenant

My Scandinavian Home Blog was one of my first loves when I started last year.  I had this greatest pleasure to get the scoop on Niki and what rocks her world…

Images from My Scandinavian Home,  
some of which were taken by friend Karin Bjorklund, and Rachel Whiting

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