26 December 2014

Post Christmas; Budget Trending Hunt

What a wonderful Christmas holiday!  I hope you enjoyed yours to the fullest!  I don't remember receiving this many presents in the last few years.  Among the many, I got my dream turntable, some boots, and an Ann Demeulemeester bible-- just impressive!  I was blown away.  Needless to say, I spent Christmas day playing 30 year old records dug up from storage.  I was in heaven.

Back to reality, once the holiday hype tones down, it is time to renew and refresh some areas of the home.  Ah yes, the office corner with its out-of-control wires and stacks of paper…  Not sure how it happened, but it is beyond fixable and needs to get back into shape.  Looking into visiting IKEA for endless organization ideas!  Good ole ALGOT is currently 20% off, and coming in early 2015 is the new VALJE.

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