08 December 2015

Guests are Welcome!

During the holidays we're usually away to spend the festivities with family.   But in those occasional times we're staying put, it's opportunity for stray friends to come and stay.  The sofa suddenly becomes a guest room and the coffee table is the new dining room!  Is your sofa your guest room too? Do you have visitor during Christmas?

Check out this  IKEA convertible sofa HOLMSUND.  From lovely cushion heaven to guest bed coziness!  I adore the white slip covers,  don't you?  And that IKEA PS small space storage unit is a perfect side table with multiple shelves and hooks, what more could a guest ask for?

To complete the ultimate cozy atmosphere add some natural elements.   I spy my favourite collection SINNERLIG.

STIL Inspiration via livet hemma
Styling Pella Hedeby
Photography Sara Danielson

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