28 November 2015

It's Almost Christmas!

Walks along Central Park and Fifth Avenue here in New York truly capture the spirit.  Last night a light show and booming classical Christmas music echoed along Rockefeller Center.  It was quite festive, and it was a good time to say a prayer of thanks during this Thanksgiving holiday.

We've been seeing DIY decorations on the web in the last month.  My favorite thus far is Maiju's rosemary tree via #lagerma.  It is utter simplicity (I adore the clear glass vase for a pot).  I myself purchase a small rosemary tree every year for the kitchen, and use the dried leaves all throughout the year for home made recipes.  Along with my little tree would be a fresh wreath, plus some string of lights on branches.  You may view some decorations on my pinterest board.  What are you planning this year for your home?

Don't miss out my favorite Christmas posts here, here, and here!  More and more are popping up everywhere and it fills me with excitement as I await my favorite stylists' projects.  

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