30 December 2015

Welcome the New Year

It's been an unforgiving and busy holiday season.   It's no excuse,  I missed a Christmas post!  My pre-holiday celebrations were spent at the beach under the warm sun,  then it quickly turned back into New York City craziness in a blink of an eye -- how did that happen?!  Well I hope you had a great Christmas nonetheless...

When i thought things were going back into normal routines here comes another important holiday.   Are you enjoying festivities at home with friends and family?   Or will you be in Times Square?   Or simply under the stars and exploding fireworks in your corner of the world?   Whatever the case,  each has his /her own way to welcome the New Year.  

I found this inspiring and fabulous monochromatic table setting, an oldie but goodie from last year.   But a good idea is timeless!  How are you setting your table tomorrow night? 

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