15 February 2015

Trending: Introducing NIPPRIG

In case you missed it, a limited edition collection made of natural sustainable materials were introduced to the new IKEA range come this March.  A large collaboration with local artisans of Indonesia and Vietnam, it is no surprise that their traditional methods and artistry in weaving and furniture-making have proven the test of time, using indigenous materials such as water hyacinth, bamboo. Who didn't grow up with rattan furniture in their home? I was certainly surrounded by them growing up, both indoors and out.

IKEA has been known to produce products responsibly, and this continues today in their sustainable practices, both in manufacturing as well as showroom display.  They continue to educate their different markets sending messages pertaining to the environment.

My personal favorites are the pendant lamp, lounge chair, and dip-dyed baskets.  Have you made your choices?


  1. The rattan pendant lamp is quite nice, and the bag looks just like its made for days on the beach...aah, waiting for summer :)


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