14 February 2015

Name that IKEA: Swiss Chalet 1912

On this cold sub-zero morning, I only wish I were sitting by the fire and looking out to the snow alps and gorgeous white landscape.  Don't you?  If it's going to be this bitter cold, might as well be somewhere where it makes sense, and not just in an urban, grey concrete landscape!

Luckily I found this tour of a 1912 Swiss Chalet with decorating style that is modern rustic, minimal, and yet so warm and cozy.  Oh how I wish I could be there right this minute!  What's even  more beautiful is that it is decorated with pieces that don't scream IKEA catalog necessarily.  You know me, how much I admire the trick in the mix…  the different textures, the high and low price range, the seasonality.

Can you name the IKEA pieces?

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