02 May 2015

Indoor/Outdoor Bedroom Fantasy

This weather in New York continues to confuse!  By May I'd expect to wear krisp white shirts, and my slides.  It's dark and gloomy outside, cold, and cooped up under the covers I'm left with warmer weather settings, building a dream home in my head.  Good thing it's saturday and pinterest is a good way to submerge in the black hole before the sun actually shows up in Manhattan.

So here goes -- does your bedroom fantasy involve fantastic views?  A dream spa-like bathroom? All of the above?  Allow me to share the bedroom in my dream house…  It would be indoor/outdoor living.  Remember my fantasy shower as shown here?  Well, it would be attached to these rooms, and absolutely sporting a walk-out to either a garden, a deck or even a pool.  Better yet, the same outdoor space has access to the kitchen as well.  

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