03 May 2015

Small Spaces : Challenge of the Week | Day 1

No matter how tiny of a home one has, or large and sprawling, space remains a challenge.  This has been proven true from the many house visits my team has explored these past years.  Even designers themselves face that very same struggle in their daily lives -- and to think they are experts themselves, it doesn't always end well.

This week we will explore Small Space Living.  In the past I have posted a few of them, but one sticks out very well, as seen on this post: Space Challenged? Here's How to Deal…  I come across many innovative spaces and this week we'll feature more smart solutions.

Day one: Studio with no bedroom

If you are a renter it is very important to choose your furniture and furnishings carefully.  Remember, you are "on the move" and it is optimal that you live sustainably and conscious of possessions. 

A small space doesn't mean you sacrifice your love for beauty or art.  Create small vignettes within your space.  Book covers act as art as seen here.  Stacks of books and magazines also double as a shelf.  Double duty items such as storage chests are perfect for both surface and storage of seasonal goods.  Another solution could be a beautiful chest of drawers.

Sometimes you are lucky enough to have a bay window or deep window sill.  Maximise this by doing three options:  storage, display shelf, or better yet -- your own little greenhouse.

Usually small flats don't offer a standard sized fridge, or even wall cabinets.  Save space by using kitchen rails to store everyday items within easy reach, and keep counters free.  IKEA has amazing kitchens especially for small apartments.

Here in NYC you'd be considered damn lucky if you get a galley kitchen.  This apartment was smart enough to create a galley by using shallow storage cabinets along one side, therefor gaining a work surface.  Picture rails are perfect for cookbooks, while shallow shelves in compact corners store spices, and some gadgets, or even everyday cups.

I find that coffee tables are smarter when it's light and can be easily moved.  One could use stackable chairs too for the dining area and offer extra seating to gather around the sofa when entertaining.  Floor standing mirrors create an illusion of a larger space.  This colder wall could make good use of its vertical space by installing floating wall cabinets, since this unit is lacking closets.

This tiny closet of a room became a small dormer-like bedroom sanctuary!  Adding wallpaper created a calming atmosphere and interesting spot for peach and quiet.  Underbed storage could be a perfect solution for clothing.

Don't forget that hooks are amazing for anything, anywhere.

The hallway could often be boring.  Add interest and be creative with it!  Again, wallpaper could give it life and give your home a great first impression.  This one in particular doubles as wardrobe, and hallway entrance function.  The rails are a great memo board as well as an area for planning your outfit.  This tiny corner could use a small wardrobe system.  IKEA's PAX could offer something great for here, like a shallow cabinet with a mirrored door!  This solution could gain you more rail space on the opposite side for guests' coats by losing the mirror.

So many industrial style rails have been turning up on the web lately.  My favorites are Anna Leena's clothing rails.  

Last but not least -- If you are gifted with a balcony, treat it like gold!

More to come, so keep coming back this week for more!

Photos via Alvhem
Alvhem and Fantastik Frank are my go-to's when I'm intrigued how stylists stage a small space.  Great solutions, and for me, great day-dreaming...


  1. So many smart solutions you are pointing out! I live in a tiny apartment at the time, and find that IKEA has so many great solutions for me. Fantastic Frank is also my go-to for daydreaming :)

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