19 July 2015

Monochrome in Brooklyn

I've been on the Brooklyn kick lately…  If and when a decision is made to reside in NYC permanently, it would definitely be situated there.  There's no doubt about it.  The old vs. new palette is something that's just spot on about the Big Apple -- it can't help itself!

This monochrome home really got my stomach in knots.  I guess that means I got the "goosies".  A masculine base for a interior styling is something I find more neutral, and absolutely workable for most. If one has a tendency to go more feminine, it is rather easy to add using wall colour, lighting fixtures and free standing lamps, and even art.  Although in this home I wouldn't even dare to change a thing.

Source Lonny
Designer Dan Mazzarini of BHDM Design
Photography Brian W. Ferry
Styling Sarah Storms

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