11 July 2015

Weekend Krisp Inspiration: Finnish Cottage

Can I just say "Oh. My. God."  When I saw the finished product of this cottage owned by Minna Jones, my jaw just dropped to the floor.  I've been a follower of Minna's for quite some time now which goes back to Scandinavian Deko's earlier days.   Did you see my feature on Minna's city home?  You can view it here.

So again, perusing the blog roll I came across this Finnish cabin on Time of the Aquarius, and Minna was kind enough to let me share with you these stunning photos of the completed corners of the house. Are you ready to die??   Here goes…

This place is pure perfection.  It's as if someone picked my brain and materialised my dream!  Oh, the matte black exterior, and the light, airy, minimal interior.  I am beyond words…

Source Time of the Aquarius 
Much thanks to Minna Jones for sharing 
her home with KRiSPINTERIOR

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