11 January 2015

Kitchen Lab

I am far away from moving to a new place...  Still living in NYC, but that doesn't stop me from concocting ideas for the next digs!  Always dreaming of an all-white space, my future kitchen will reflect all that is white with a touch of rustic wood, and of course a few black accents.  But mostly white, in its most antiseptic, cold, and sharp aesthetic.  I guess you can say I love the laboratory look -- YES I DO!

Mostly inspired by a few bloggers' homes, one that stood out to me is Maja's kitchen.  Maja owns Musta Ovi, a wonderful collection of ideas for building a dream home.  And boy-o-boy do I share those wants and needs!  She's got a fantastic eye, and her kitchen is a manifestation of my dream kitchen!

I've been involved with setting up the new IKEA kitchen called SEKTION, so I've been engulfed with endless interior organization solutions.  Drawers-within-drawers -- wow.  This concept could completely eliminate the need for wall cabinets above your workspace perimeter!  A result more updated, clean, streamlined and seamless.  Who says you need to sacrifice your minimalist look because of your storage qualifications?  Maja's kitchen could be imitated with a more economic SEKTION.

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