24 October 2015

Kitchen Crush

Cruising the web this saturday morning, I find myself looking at houses fronting either a beach, the woods, or a creek.  October has come, it's exciting fall has arrived, but it's been a rather torturously busy month.  Feeling drained, my explanation is I'm longing for a short mini vacation… And with this weather, it would be nice to be in a home facing a wooded creek.

This Australian beauty has my dream long wall of windows/doors, most likely facing a sloping land of forestry.  I can just imagine the scent every morning.  I took notice of the wonderful kitchen.  My dream is to have a kitchen in a galley layout, either in a true galley style and open on both ends, or one side is a full equal length peninsula facing a living room or views.  The one wall could also just be all Crittal windows -- THAT would truly be the ultimate dream!

The apartment is in the process of editing (as always), but the kitchen is one daunting challenge right now.  Though I love open storage, like in this stunning home, I've expressed how in NYC it could be annoying (the city soot floats in the air and can't be avoided).  I am completely swooned by how it is done here on one wall from top to bottom, and it inspires me to do the same.  Should I do it??

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