27 October 2015

Learn from the Pros

ELLE Decoration UK has to be my favorite of favorites of magazines.  Their contributors are refined with stunning perspectives.  We can all learn a thing or two from the pros.  Photographer Maria Wretblad's home - styled Sasa Antic and captured by Kristofer Johnsson is utterly breathtaking.  These still shots truly speak to me, and they resonate my interior desires for the moment.  I am loving the sharp contrast between my forever love white with charcoal greys.  The indigo hues may not be my first choice but it is undeniably stunning here.  The marriage between rounded edges versus sharp, vintage versus new, glossy versus wrinkled + textured…all equates to a gorgeous result.  I am just blown away.

Deborah Gordon of Ollie & Seb's Haus shares her top 10 tips on decorating in this month's Elle Decoration issue, I've never seen it narrowed down better than she did.  Believe me, it's almost as if reading the 10 commandments.  Write them down folks, use 'em!

Styling Sasa Antic
Photography Kristofer Johnsson

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