25 October 2015

"My Daybed Dream" says a Finland Fan

Happy Sunday!  I hope you are enjoying some time off.  It's a drizzly Sunday here in New York, and as usual it would be ideal for cozy lounging…  On a day like this I wish I had the safari cot of my dreams, or that wide daybed layed on a sprawling space like in Jutta's living room.

I am a big fan of Finnish bloggers.  They have a really sharp, clean and krisp aesthetic!  My favorites are Maja | Musta Ovi seen here and here, Minna Jones | Time of the Aquarius featured here and here, as well as Maiju | #lagerma recently shown here and previously on my Plateful of Love post.  I'm sure loads of you are fans as well. I can't get enough of their spaces, always awaiting their next move.

My Daybed Dream | K R i S P I N T E R I O R


  1. Oh! You make my day <3. Thanks for your lovely words! And I have to say that this DIY Daybed is absolutely my favorite place at our home!

    1. I love this corner, I wish i have space for a daybed too! Is that Japanese futon on it?


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