24 July 2016

Kitchen Inspiration from Jennings Hotel

There are two kitchen styles that I tend to go back and forth with. One is an all-white minimalist laboratory, almost very antiseptic look. The other is a natural + rustic inspired kitchen with exposed storage, but also with a minimal touch. Both styles would normally not consist of wall cabinets (it's a storage dumping ground), but instead, having a small bank of pantry cabinets on one wall for groceries and such.

I stumbled upon Jennings Hotel/Oregon on Remodelista. Not only are their rooms inspiring, the communcal kitchen really got to me. I love its natural look, with open shelving housing only the bare essentials. It's a communal kitchen that shares its space with a library and dining space. Wouldn't you want to stay here? It's been years since my visit to Oregon, and I think this place would be my next place of R&R.

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Design Collaboration Wood & Faulk + Phloem Studio
Jennings Hotel, Oregon

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