30 April 2016

Achromatic and Serene Home

It's been a while since I've had a relaxed saturday morning with no particular agenda in mind.  Still woke up at the crack of dawn, but today I am inspired to make some changes in the home…

Although dreaming to have greenery indoors, I have to admit I'm nothing but a blackthumb.  This didn't stop me yesterday, and I purchased some SINNERLIG pots from IKEA, as well as a bonsai tree and a succulent.  Let's just give it a try this year.

With that said, the inspiration overflowed me this morning and perused my way around my favorite blog posts.  This one achromatic and minimal home's details definitely hit the spot!  The serenity is quite inviting.  The cohesive flow of neutral shades is soothing, and yet with a subtle punch of dark accents.

Coco Lapine Design
Source Alvhem

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