12 July 2016

Finnish Country Kitchen

Perhaps some of you may already be familiar with my admiration for Finnish interiors. Minna Jones of Time of the Aquarius has a very distinct clean eye. Other than her special touch on product collages, her home reflects her very own krisp style that i am bonkers for. She even makes her vintage finds look so new without losing their classic essence.

Minna's country home has advanced its progress and it is looking amazing. Here's the latest snaps of her gorgeous minimal yet warm kitchen:

By the way,  i love seeing larger plant pots or vases on dining tables. The play with scale is impactful.

For more delicious interiors by Minna check them out here and here, as well as her latest entry for IKEA livet hemma
Time of the aquarius
Styling Minna Jones


  1. What makes it Finnish? Looks Scandinavian to me. :)

    1. Finland is part of Scandinavian Europe. Finnish interiors are very similar to that of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland.

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