03 July 2016

IKEA in the Mix | Industrial Style

Do you own any IKEA pieces in your home? Of course you do! Whatever your style may be, the trick is the mix.

This loft embraces the industrial aesthetic, with the eclectic mix of modern objects, loads of art, some concrete elements, and yep, you got it - IKEA. For those city dwellers that love their live|work space, are you living in an old factory? I used to browse The Candy Factory in Toronto back in the day. I was so obsessed with old factory buildings, and I myself lived in a place called Sterling Studios. Well this home in particular is a converted chocolate factory in Stockholm.

Just because you love IKEA doesn't mean that your digs need to imitate the catalog pages. But truth is, heaps of storage ideas and hints of diverse styles can be learned from it.  Believe me, the whole concept behind the brand is a world full of a smart collective that brings our life needs into fruition. And I think it's safe to say you can bring home a piece or two to fit into your lifestyle.

Photography Frederic Boukari 

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