18 October 2016

Small Swedish Apartment in Neutral Shades

All you city dwellers out there know the value of having a cohesive palette in a small flat. The continuous flow from small room to small room just leads you to believe it is one delicious space. Of course one must own only but a few must haves and a statement piece here and there. Art as well is very important to hype up personality (and easy to transport when you move). But generally, the more minimal your approach the more cleansing and soothing your home environs become.

One look at these chrome and leather accent chairs and I was immediately swooned by this space. The different shades of beige fill it with cozy textures. Even the Smeg fridge adds to the overall visual harmony.

Photography Jonas Berg

Small Apartment in Neutral Shades |  K R i S P I N T E R I Ö R

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