19 October 2016

Lotta Agaton's Home

Can't think of a better photographer to capture the essence of Lotta Agaton's home better than Pia Ulin.  Lotta's style has always been a true love of mine. The rough textures, monochromatic tone-on-tone schemes, as well as dark and moody shadows and natural lighting (this new home contrasts her previous digs of a strong white expression). Pia Ulin's photography resonates with Lotta's interior styling so much that they are a match made in heaven. Both talents remain consistent in their work, and together they create an explosion of inspiration.

Pia Ulin and Lotta Agaton's combined work has been highlighted previously on KRiPINTERIÖR on this post.  Pia Ulin's Brooklyn home was also featured here. Clearly two peas in a pod, that Pia's photos hang in Lotta's bedroom...

Interior Styling Lotta Agaton
Photography Pia Ulin

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