04 November 2016

Working on Simplicity

The apartment is a mess. A transitional stage is tough, and my OCD self is imploding out of frustration. But on the bright side of things is I am ecstatic about getting a new place, and about the new things up ahead. Yup, we're moving! I've been waiting for this for some time, and though I am sad to leave New York City behind, I eagerly wait the City of Angels.

The new flat will revolve around simplicity. Looking forward to a work station that is nothing but an uncluttered, sharp, wonderful space. Hopefully with a view of the ocean (dreaming!)... Just like these images below.

The weekend will be loaded with to-do lists, and the start of much anticipated editing, donating, and packing. I admit- I'm still excited about it. Simply working on it...

Source Hitta Hem 
Photography Kristofer Johnsson
Stylist Anna Mårselius

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