12 February 2017

Ett Hem: Home Away from Home | Ilse Crawford

My good friend reminded me to see the wonderful series "Abstract: The Art of Design". I was immediately hooked especially the episode on Ilse Crawford and her genius approach to design.

HYGGE, a Danish tradition of making the ordinary extraordinary. The importance of a feeling, of a moment, of the present. Ilse Crawford is all about well being, and one's relationship to a space. It is not about the objects themselves, but how one interacts with them.

Ett Hem in Sweden is a perfect example of a home away from home, conceptualized by Ilse's team and the owners of this former Arts & Crafts building:

This 12 room guesthouse makes a visitor feel at-home surrounded by its casual atmosphere, absent of the stiffness of a hotel. Corners are made for gathering, giving one that special feeling of visiting family on holiday, with the freedom to do whatever they please.

Ett Hem Hotel, Stockholm
Design Ilse Crawford

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