13 April 2017

Holiday Escape in Mallorca

In my mother country, Easter is celebrated in the hometown where our parents have spent their childhood years. It is also the time where the family can gather and enjoy a week off their hectic lives in the city. In between there are rituals celebrating the Passion of the Christ, and Easter Sunday being the highlight of it all. Weekend getaways are the usual fare in the midst of it.

While I'm away on holiday in the tropics right this moment, it still doesn't fail to get inspired by other destinations this time of year. Today let's take a peek at this Danish architect's home in Malloca:

Architect Claus Bjarrum set up this minimal and rustic holiday home. The rough textures and achromatic schemes are just the perfect recipe for relaxation. Makes you want to forget your busy life for a minute or two, which can be real nice. That pool is extremely inviting!

The Style Files via Est Magazine
Architecture Claus Bjarrum

Holiday Escape in Mallorca  |  K R i S P I N T E R I Ö R

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