27 August 2017

Faye Toogood | Olivia Fiddes Stoneware


Faye Toogood is an all around artist that delves into the corners of fashion, interior design and art. I've admired her work since I laid eyes on her garments, and moreso since I saw photos of her family home in London. She explores innovative design and combines it with wit and uniqueness.

This current stoneware collaboration with Oliva Fiddes features a play on scale as well as a hand made aesthetic. A raw, rough vs smooth, elegant quality that embraces both artists' trademark.

View more on KRiSPINTERIÖR's feature on Faye Toogood here and here.

Lotta Agaton via Faye Toogood x Olivia Fiddes
Photography Olivia Fiddes

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