06 August 2017

Minimal, Functional Hallway

The entry hallway is the most used part of one's home. This area should never be taken for granted as this is where the first impression is drawn when welcoming guests, as well as your first step into your home after a day's work. In my new Los Angeles apartment, I am not blessed with a foyer., unfortunately.  I managed to install HAY hooks near the door, but the dining table is a landing space for the mail for now.

I'm a big fan of Coco Lapine Design, and Sarah's hallway is just the perfect inspiration! Love the minimal styling of it without losing its functionality. Imagine the immediate calming first impression walking into this space. It is krisp and clean with a proper space to hang your coat and place your bag. The mirror is divine -- with a built-in rail to hang scarves.

This beautiful Verde mirror is from Woud, designed by Rikke Frost. You may see other hidden functions on this product here.

Coco Lapine Design
Styling and Photo Sarah Van Peteghem

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