19 July 2014

Architecture: Mix and Match

In Interior Design School, I couldn't help but lean towards one of the many styles we had to study, and that was what is known as "New York Style".  Not only was NY my one dream destination, it was in fact my favorite city in the world. Even way back in high school, I had spent my spring breaks walking its streets and loving the incomparable energy it offered, whilst my schoolmates spent their money on Cancun.

And today I am living my NYC dream.

What was so interesting about New York Style you may ask?  For one, it is quite distinct.  What I love about it is the mix and match of classical and new.  Perhaps that is similar to many other styles, as Paris and Madrid have that same concept in their apartments.  But they still differ one way or another.  This particular project reflects all the elements I speak of:  modernized herringbone floors (joints are more chevron pattern than the traditional parquet joint), wall paneling, detailed mouldings with dentils, open concept, ultra-modern furnishings, industrial touches.  A mix of Neoclassic and modern.

Who says you have to be in NYC to embrace the New York Style?  This flat is located in Moscow.

project INT2 Architecture


  1. Looks really good! Very sophisticated and elegant, and I do prefer more relaxed and modern bohemian styles, but I could imagine picking details from this style...love the black and white poster, the round mirror and the leather!

    1. Yes, it's quite a fabulous space Katja! Although it is staged to put more emphasis on the architecture rather than interior furnishings. Like you, I myself appreciate these same details but would enhance the flat with a more modern-rustic approach, Bodie and Fou style, if I could move in tomorrow!


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