10 July 2014

Let There Be WHITE!

Since March I've been revamping my brainwaves with inspiration.  It's time for renewal.  It was spring after all.  My black walls at home, as seen here, here and here, had started to drag me down to the darkness I didn't want.  For those few that follow me, they know how much I looove white.  If I could paint my floors white I would!  I adore an all-white outfit as well.  White, white white -- can't go wrong with that statement!  With that said, I have decided to change my sofa slipcovers to white this year, and revitalize it by switching to stainless steel legs.  Some furniture rearranging will commence this weekend…

For ultimate inspiration I turn to the modern rustic styling of Karine Kong of Bodie and Fou.  As you know, modern rustic is my thing.  Here's a view of her home in London that gets my wheels spinning…

There is nothing I love more than mixing textures of old and new; glossy and tattered.  Best to combine all that with modern Op Art with graphic lines (best in black + white).  Structured vs. impulsive.  The contrasts make any space interesting.

What better way to modernize traditional kitchen doors than to paint it matte black against a white backdrop?  And oh, love the pink here!  Lastly, no good home is without the IKEA PS chair, both indoors and out.  

photography Morten Haltum

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