26 July 2014

White Heat

What a week!  It was a super charged work-week, as my team and I completed 5 large rooms in our showroom, boasting this year's new trends. Some of you may have attended the press release.  More on that very soon!

In the meantime, I have continuously had an open discussion with some of you regarding my white heat summer inspiration!  Now that the living room has been wonderfully rearranged my white slipcovers await…  Different shades of white has always been my go-to palette.  These recent years I was distracted by greys and even black.  Although I think I may have at least one black accent wall somewhere in the apartment.  The images below are my true inspirations.  Both Stylizimo and Ollie & Seb's haus offer great white solutions.  It's all in the krisp details.

Nina Holst of Stylizimo:

Deborah Gordon of Ollie & Seb's Haus:

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