22 May 2016

Modern Beach House

Our trip to California is fast approaching. I can't fully express how excited I am to be under the west coast sun, basking in its rays every morning with the view of the ocean -- it is ultimate luxury! Summer is not that far away either for us who live in New York.  Spring was rather late, but this erratic weather reveals the sun rays on some days as true indication of summer months ahead.

I never tire of looking at gorgeous beach homes.  If I could build vacation houses consistently for a living, I would. Certainly I have hopes this will be true some day once I get my feet wet in Los Angeles. I'm counting on 2017 to be my year of dreams.

Today I share with you this beautiful modern beach house in Sydney.  My Paradissi is my go-to blog for vacation getaways, and this home swept me off my feet!  The rustic accents, the concrete, the mix of textures and linen, ethnic vibe here and there yet with clean mid-century modern lines.  I'm lost for words.  This is perfect for my typical Sunday dreaming type of a morning...  If only I can transport us all there now, I would.

My Paradissi
Photography Anson Smart

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  1. I love all of the above!! This can be our palette!


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