30 May 2016

California Home of an Interior Designer

A coastal home is the very thing that takes up my download files.  It is my one true dream that will never die.  Forgive me for the lack of posts the last week or so -- we are simply basking in the California sun, soaking up all that this holiday has to offer.  Family rides along the coastal neighborhoods take up our afternoons, browsing and snooping.  Ahhh, it is such a refreshing break from the urban city noises that I am used to.

Today I feature the Malibu home of interior designer Vanessa Alexander of Alexander Design.  It is the perfect cocktail of rustic elements, industrial and vintage touch, a little bit of bohemian, a little bit of farm house.  This home has been saved on my computer for some time.  It was a blog entry that never gets old.  I could definitely live here...

The Style Files via My Domaine
Interior Design Alexander Design
Photography Tessa Neustadt

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