01 May 2016

Living Small in Stockholm

It astounds me how some other major cities offer even tinier apartments than those I have witnessed here in New York -- and believe me, I've seen all sorts of flats here, from a literal closet space to expansive but decaying lofts.

Fantastik Frank, a Stockholm and Berlin based real estate site, together with their most talented stylists have shown the smartest tiny homes.  Each time I snoop around it makes me re-think my own small space living…

Carefully chosen furniture pieces will truly dictate a smart space.  Think of foot traffic, and most of all think of scale.  Small furniture doesn't necessarily mean better.  Also, I love how the curtains are installed from corner to corner, ceiling to floor.  It unifies the divided space and adds the right amount of softness.

What a gorgeous way to separate the private and public area!  Internal windows still create the separation without the feeling of cutting up the space.  And I love the industrial touch of the dark metal.

The internal window does not make this tight bedroom feel claustrophobic.  It is still functional and most of all, cosy.

A tiny dining room does not mean you have to compromise style.  Add your favorite art -- I would probably even do a large scale photograph here.  Round tables also do the trick!

If you are fortunate enough to have a balcony, it doesn't matter if it's small.  Gateleg tables and folding chairs can still entertain a small group of friends.  Install hooks on the wall so you can stow the chairs away when not in use.

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  1. A lot of details and art to contemplate in such a small space. The lamps, both in the bedroom and dining area are like some art pieces.

    1. Yes, I agree! I find in small flats one tends to have little furniture but a lot of art. It's a challenge to create an atmosphere especially in studio spaces. We can get creative with lighting.

      X, Kris


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