11 June 2016

Pia Ulin's Brooklyn Loft

In New York City you'd be lucky if the sun enters your flat any time in the morning.  For us here in the Financial District, maybe it will peek through between noon and 2pm.  My poor bonsai leans over like a cat watching passersby on the windowsill.

Pia Ulin, a well known photographer from Sweden, whose work I have admired, moved her home base in Brooklyn with her husband.  She is known for her brilliant use of nothing but natural light in her photographs, giving it that unique sense of poetic realism, and an overall monochrome cast over her compositions.  It is just beautiful.  Her Brooklyn digs is very New York indeed -- with unusual tight partitions and compartmentalised spaces, but an overall intelligent use of limited space without being claustrophobic.  It embraces that industrial, vintage vibe most creative spaces express.

Photography Pia ulin
Interior Architecture Bangia Agostinho

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