03 December 2016

Inspired for Christmas

My favorite holiday of the year is around the corner. As you've noticed my lack of posts, things have been creeping up to an elevated stress of packing and moving. It saddens me I am unable to decorate much for the holidays... although every little bit helps to add to this beautiful Christmas atmosphere in New York City, which means I will still acquire my traditional yearly fresh wreath (minus my ornaments which are already packed away).

So inspired by all the holiday cheer, Nikki's home stood out to me. She and I have the same taste in Christmas decorations: natural, minimal and monochromatic. It's so refreshing, isn't it? I can just smell those pine needles and the scent of cloves brewing in the air.

Every year I look forward to this home's holiday decorations. Hop on over to My Scandinavian Home blog and Nikki's Instagram for ultimate great ideas and inspiration this year!

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