30 December 2016

Small But Smart

The New Year countdown is fast approaching! My move to the west coast hasn't quite come to an end yet -- what a way to spend the holidays... The lack of posts is due to what seems like a never-ending process. But I am not discouraged. In fact, the apartment hunt begins and the creative juices are flowing! I look forward to a small but efficient future digs to start this new year.

From my search on Los Angeles listings, a studio apartment is not the same as New York City standards. L.A. studios still consist of a separate kitchen, and sometimes with a small nook for an eat-in dinette. It is quite a luxury, if you ask me.

Inspired, I came across this tiny bedroom with a smart solution to allow light through tight narrow corners or hallway, as well as a good flow from room to room. Looove that glass door partition.

Fantastic Frank

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