14 January 2017

Kitchen + Dining Room in Grey

The new year has been rough...  moving from east coast to the west is no easy feat. Living in a suitcase for awhile has both its rewards and drawbacks. Thankfully my new work allows me to use a uniform which lessens options for #ootd - ha!

The new project I'm leading happens to be the kitchen showroom, and boy is it ever inspiring! My good friend from the headquarters designs the details with utmost thought.

The apartment hunt continues here in Los Angeles. The kitchens of these probable homes are from the 50s and 60s which there wouldn't be much I can do to change them since we are hunting rentals only. And the newer buildings have wood finishes that I'm not too keen on (usually an orange-y oak). But one can dream, nonetheless. With the combination of my current assignment and much imagination I'm drawn to inspiring kitchens on the blogosphere. There's nothing better than a fresh coat of paint and my minimal furniture and finds to do the trick to make it home. This kitchen ultimately is the dream right now: monochromatic greys, light woods, and white.

Loving the architectural details here. And that minimal bedroom is the direction I'm heading. A perfect place to decompress...

Coco Lapine Design

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