03 March 2017

Bedroom Inspo

Going through the motions of moving to an opposite coast has been an immense challenge. Learning to edit and evaluate one's life and possessions is a true test of "where do we go from here?" It has taken some time to get our feet wet in the new digs, but I've discovered wanting different things. One of them is to truly live minimally, own less, and surround myself with essentials. A few luxuries are ok, but there's no need to overdo it.

The bedroom is one place I truly feel should remain a sanctuary. Clutter-free, calm, and dreamy. Japanese minimalism has been my main inspiration to date. I looked no further than Sara Medina Lind, one of my favorite photographers.

Sara Medina Lind has been featured on KRiSPINTERIÖR seen here and here, and most recently here. But I warn you -- you might just get hooked on her portfolio!

Sara Medina Lind

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