11 November 2014

Scandinavian Whites of a Swedish Photographer

Last summer I switched my charcoal grey sofa to white (as shown here on my post-party photos).  Yes, a bold move, and a tough choice especially here in New York, but I can't get enough of an all-white interior!  No one does it better than the Swedes and the Danes…  This fab flat is owned by a Swedish photographer and art director, Sara Medina Lind, as first seen on My Scandinavian Home Blog.  Sara currently dresses her bedroom with winter whites as well.  Gah!  She is utterly tasteful!

Admittedly, I've been loving the grey linens of late.  And I just adore the the krisp contrast of white everything with touches of dark grey and rustic wood in Sara's home as shown here from the previous season -- the texture just pops!

Thank you Sara for sharing your home with KRiSPINTERIOR!  

Images courtesy of photographer Sara Medina Lind

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