06 May 2017

Compact Living | IKEA

There's no excuses -- going on a wonderful holiday trip traps you in vacation mode for some time. My lack of posts is a result of my difficulty getting back to reality.

But here I am once again setting up a new IKEA store here in the US. Hence, many new products have turned up and the inspiration is flooding through. We await the arrival of all the IKEA STOCKHOLM pieces, the KUNGSBACKA kitchen door, VEBERÖD storage, and more.

In Milan the IKEA Festival was quite the hype last month, and here is IKEA's take on compact living using some of the products mentioned above:

Styled by none other than Pella Hedeby, tiny living isn't so bad when it is like this! View the video footage of the presentation here.

Styling Pella Hedeby for IKEA Livet Hemma
Photography Ragnar Ómarsson

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