10 June 2016

Take It Outside!

Summer creeps around the corner here in New York,  then hits us with a blast of cold weather all of a sudden. The coats are pulled out again in the mornings. We certainly hope this is the last of it -- because believe you me,  we are ready to take it outside!

Thankfully my favorites of favorites have been releasing their summer inspirations of late!  None other than one of my Scan heroes, Minna Jones has shown her now finished summer house with delectable IKEA summer collections. Very much awaited by many the VIGTIGK collection boasts its natural beauty.   And of course, summer is not compete without al fresco dining: what better than SINNERLIG and VARDAGEN for those yummy treats. Enjoy!


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Time Of The Aquarius
Styled by Minna Jones
In collaboration with IKEA

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