06 August 2013

Capture the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I had the pleasure of spending some time away from hectic New York City two weeks ago with my good friends from ParadoxVestedRelics.  Off to the Jersey beaches we went, and boy, that was much needed escape! Captured here are some images of the mundane, the strange, the typical, the loveliness, and most of all -- the moments in time.  There was beauty in everything!  Am I an artist? Or a person of poor taste??  

You be the judge.

Good Spot


Cape May Beach Patrol 

The bell tolls

Stone Harbor

Bottle Hoarder

"What a drag!"

Empty beach


"There is a light and it never goes out"

Where's the lifeguard?

Where's the kid?

Fully booked

Mama Bear, Baby Bear

ParadoxVestedRelics miniature beach

Crowded beach





Mad Victorian

"You can do it!"

All for one

Poop for sale!

Photography  K R i S P I N T E R I O R

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