29 November 2014

Gang of Green

I'm overwhelmed by loads of Green this season!  Usually my home is filled with more natural and industrial decorative elements around Christmas time (craft paper, twine, twigs and branches, galvanized metal-- you get my drift) .  But I think if I were to change things up a bit I would go with dark Green.  And just like Anna Leena, I'm forever a dried eucalyptus twig lover…  which reminds me, I'm off to get a wild bunch at the Union Square Green market today.  It's cold and dreary in New York, but I look forward to wrapping myself in cozy thick layers outside.

Horray to this Gang of Green inspiration images today!

styling + photography Daniella Witte  

styling Pella Hedeby 

styling Minna Jones | Time of the Aquarius for IKEA Xmas event

styling Anna Lenna for Residence Magazine

Forever indebted to my heroes!  With thanksgiving passed, I will never forget to be grateful to them…  Do you have heroes you're thankful for for life??

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