01 November 2014

Black + White Beauty

Fantastik Frank is such an expert when it comes to interior styling.  It is their very smart selling tool in the real estate business.  All you flippers could lear a thing or two from them, that's for sure!  Me, I just find myself swooning and drooling over their images!  I find myself dreaming and finding ways and excuses to reconfigure my perfectly okay apartment... Don't tell me this doesn't happy to you!

This black and white beauty made my jaw drop -- W O W, that dining room facing the patio is hard to come by!  The shiny black floors contrasting blinding white walls and minimal styling.  It is a true dream.  Thanks to the creative genius of architect Andreas Martin-Löf of Sweden.

I can't get over the penny round black + white bathroom!  It's like, "hey Andreas, get out of my head!"  It's funny how people have similar wants and likes.

images seen in emmas designblogg via Fantastik Frank

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