19 November 2014

Monochrome & Modern Rustic with an Industrial Ttwist

The home of Jenny Hjalmarrson Boldsen and her family exudes modern rustic perfection!  It's almost as if this interior stylist and decorator is my other self in a parallel universe!  

I've spoken about my undying infatuation for converted spaces, most especially old barns.  This home is pretty much my dream materialised...  Modern digs appeal to me, sometimes even minimalist interiors to the most severe degree, but nothing speaks to me more than a rustic space, sparse and textured, all white, interspersed with mid-century modern goodness!  In Jenny's family home with weathered wood beside wire metal Bertoia chairs, leather softened through time, old industrial almost rusty steel, layers of paint chipped away... I can't seem to get away from my love for these textures.  I'm so swept away right now I'm beside myself!

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