25 August 2015

Bedroom Love in Brussels

The bedroom has been the main focus of late.  It had become a private dumping ground for about a year or so, and slowly clutter and unwanted, unattended things have been moving out.  Today I share this wonderful calming space that inspires me.  I love the minimal, modern approach.  The Kartell drawers serve as a perfect side table.  Oh how I wish I knew where to find that vanity table!  The wood stool adds warmth to this otherwise strict white space.

A bedroom should truly be one's sanctuary.  If at all possible do not have a modem or an office space in there.  Some folks say it is not advisable to even have a TV.  But in our home TV marathons cannot be avoided, and saturday mornings the bed becomes picnic grounds ( ! )  To each his own, I suppose.

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