28 August 2015

The Organized Home Office

I have to admit the home office is most difficult to organize and get to a final stage of propping.  So much papers,  magazines,  loose little things.   The shredder is working full time at the moment and the recycling bins are bursting at the seams.  But we're getting there.  Luckily IKEA has good storage boxes such as the Pluggis and Kuggis series work well with my interiors and the ALGOT system that is already in place.  Their paper shop also has matte black file boxes.  You've heard me say this before -- it's always a work in progress…  These images are my inspiration.  Maja of Musta Ovi has a good eye, and of course IKEA is usually on top of the list as well.

What are you going to organize this weekend?  Happy organizing!


  1. Hi. Where did you get that awesome chair? Thanks.

    1. Hello there! If you're referring to picture no.4 (bottom pic), it's the FJALLBERGET chair available in IKEA.

      X, KRIS


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